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Mark and NickyMark and Nicky founded Opt2XL as they are passionate about helping people and business develop and achieve their true potential. They feel that by helping people to break through their limitations, people will create the lives that they truly want and deserve.

Mark and Nicky believe that life is a journey and not a destination and that journey is about growing, learning and constantly changing. Like many others their journey began by reading self improvement books and whilst they found them inspirational, the information that they provided didn’t show them exactly how to make the changes that they wanted to create.

To further their self development, they went on a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course and finally found what they were looking for, realising that combining NLP techniques with Coaching, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis produced truly incredible results.
What NLP provided that other self development disciplines did not is the practical knowledge of HOW to make changes within themselves and HOW to help others to do the same.   They now live their lives by the presuppositions of NLP and utilise the many techniques that they have learnt to produce positive lasting change as they continue their journey.

They are both very passionate and enthusiastic about the progress that they have made with their own lives using NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis and want to pass on these amazing techniques to others so that their lives can also be enriched. When not conducting NLP training courses Mark and Nicky run a Coaching/Therapy practice based in Birmingham City Centre, called Opt2B, to help clients break through the limitations that hold them back.

Mark and Nicky

Mark and Nicky trained as NLP Trainers under the world renowned Dr Tad James who is a pioneer in the field of NLP. As a successful Personal Success Coach and NLP Master Trainer, Tad is the creator of the revolutionary paradigm for human change known as Time Line Therapy™. Being dedicated to being the best that they can possibly be and pass this onto their graduates, Mark and Nicky both completed, the rigorous and prestigious five year NLP Master Trainer Programme in 2015.

This gives you the reassurance that they are always at the forefront of the latest innovations and developments in NLP.

Mark and Nicky both hold the LAMDA Gold Medal in Public Speaking, which they were awarded as part of their own ongoing personal development.  They are also Volunteer Progression Mentors with the Prince’s Trust.

To hear what one of our delegates say about training with Mark and Nicky, listen to our video clip below:


Barry DS. Wolverhampton  " This has been one of the most profound learning experiences and it really down to Mark & Nicky as trainers primarily because they really do know their stuff........"


Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor PgDip HRD Cert Ed FItol MABNLP

Internationally Certified Trainer of NLP, Master Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Coaching. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™. Certified Master Coach.

Mark worked for 29 years in the Public Sector, the last 14 of which were spent in the design, delivery, evaluation and management of Adult training at a local and national level.

During this time he discovered NLP and used successful interventions in order to assist others improve their performance in the workplace. He is passionate about Learning and Development and thinks that everybody has the necessary resources to break through the limitations that hold them back. Using the techniques of Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis Mark believes people can attain exceptional results and achieve their true potential.

He continually strives for self improvement and is a member of the the Institute for Learning and is a Fellow of Institute of Training and Occupational Learning. Belonging to these Institutes ensures his Continued Professional Development in the Learning and Development field.

He is continuing his NLP journey and development through the Tad James Master Trainer program.


Nicola Kennedy

Nicola Taylor MABNLP

Internationally Certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™ and Certified Master Coach.

Nicky worked in the Public Sector for 26 years before leaving to follow her shared passion with Mark, assisting people to enhance their communications skills and fulfil their potential through their joint Businesses, Opt2XL and Opt2B. 

Her career and personal life have always focussed on people’s personal and professional development. One of her most rewarding job roles involved identifying people’s barriers to achieving success, assisting them to formulate self development plans to achieve their goals.  Later specialising in working with young people in the 18 to 24 age group, she has a vast amount of experience in personal development for everyone, assisting people to achieve their potential whatever their barriers or background.



Nicky has also held a number of job roles at a Senior Level, taking corporate responsibility, specialising in Change Management and Corporate Improvement. She is a qualified Prince 2 Project manager and has experience in running multi million pound projects.

On a personal level Nicky previously ran her own business as an Image Consultant where she assisted clients to empower themselves to overcome poor self image, giving them the confidence to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

She is continuing her NLP journey and development through the Tad James Master Trainer program.

Mark and Nicky


Together Mark and Nicky combine the experience that they have gained throughout their careers and personal lives to bring you a personalised Training to match your needs. Delivering real life examples of how NLP works for them and the fantastic results they have helped others to achieve.

Why the ABNLP, ABH and the TLTA?

Mark and Nicky chose to be certified with the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the American Board Hypnotherapy (ABH) after conducting extensive research. They found that the world of NLP and Hypnotherapy is largely self-regulated with a number of Associations and bodies setting up their own standards for membership and certification. They discovered very quickly that there was a need for personal interpretation of the differing bodies and the choice would be down to aligning themselves with organisations that shared their values of excellence and vision of attaining the highest standards whilst assisting people to break free of their limitations.

The ABH was founded in 1982 by Dr. A. M. Krasner, a world renowned Hypnotherapist. It has members all over the world, wherever Hypnosis is taught there is probably a member. They have over 1000 institutes worldwide approved at the Trainer Level of Hypnosis, and tens of thousands of members.

In 1995 The ABNLP was founded by Dr Krasner, as an adjunct to the American Board of Hypnotherapy and has functioned as its sister organisation since then. It has over 500 institutes worldwide approved at the Trainer Level of NLP, and thousands of members. They believe in NLP and Hypnosis as being most excellent ways of creating your own personal growth and development. Throughout the world the standards for membership levels are the same and high levels of excellence are insisted upon. They highly recommend Approved Institutes and guarantee that when you see the seal of the ABNLP you can be sure that this high level of excellence has been subscribed to by the Training Institute.

Mark and Nicky are also a certified Training Institute with the Time Line Therapy™ Association, which is run by Dr Tad James, whose members are required to follow a code of ethics and agree to maintain the integrity of Time Line Therapy™ techniques.

In addition, Mark and Nicky are Trainer members of the UK NLP membership body the ANLP.  Their Trainings exceed the standards required by the ANLP for membership.

‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

Confucius (551BC-479BC) Chinese philosopher


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