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Would you like to speak in public or on a one to one basis confidently?

Would you like to fully engage any group of people?

Would you like to let go of your fear of public speaking and social anxiety?

Would you like to now the secrets to presenting yourself successfully?

Then invest one day of your time with us and we will tell and show you how.

This one day Master Class is unique to NLP experts Opt2XL and has been specifically designed to give you all the skills that you need to present yourself successfully whether in a social situations, job interviews, meetings or when presenting to a larger audience, perhaps in a work situation or maybe giving a speech.

This empowering introduction to life changing NLP skills will teach you practical presentation skills; using the fantastic tools of NLP we will also address the common problems that get in the way when you want to show yourself in the best light and succeed.

What does this NLP Master Class consist of?

Join us now for this amazing NLP Master Class and you will leave the day having learnt the secrets that allow you to:

  • Immediately engage with and capture the interest of your audience

  • Build instant rapport both with individuals and groups

  • Use an easy and effective presentation structure perfect for all occasions

  • Ensure that your audience are receiving the message that you intended

  • Eliminate doubting self talk

  • Release Negative Emotions such as Fear and Limiting Beliefs that have held you back

  • Always have the mind-set of excellent presenters

  • Always be in a resourceful state that ensures success

  • Present yourself successfully anywhere, anytime with anyone

Enrol Now

So whilst you sit there reading this and you know that this is the course that will banish all of your concerns about presenting yourself so you owe it to yourself to learn these powerful NLP skills that will allow you to be successful, easily and effortlessly.

What is included in the price?

One day live training. The training starts at 0930 hours and finishes at 1700 hours. All training materials, and refreshments (tea, coffee etc) are included in the price.

Go to our Course Schedule page for more details on dates and venues or call us on 01216322120 to enrol now.

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